Shahram Gholampoor

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Shahram Gholampoor

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  • 2000 Bachelor of Musicology (Iranian classical music), Fine Arts Department, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Principal Teachers

  • 2002 Rafael Minaskanian, Piano, Tehran, Iran
  • 2002 Mitra Dabirian, Piano, Tehran, Iran
  • 2001 Emanuell Melik Aslanian, Piano, Tehran, Iran
  • 1999 Darshan Anand Singh, Tabla, Tehran, Iran
  • 1990 Asadollah Malek, Violin and Radif (Traditional Persian Music) tehran, Iran
  • 1998 Darioush Salari, Sitar, tehran, Iran
  • 1998 Mousa Zangshahi and Din Mohammad Zangshahi, Balouchestan Music, Zahedan, Iran
  • 1986 Jallal Manzoorifard, Piano, tehran, Iran


  • 1991-2008 Violin Instructors, Culture and Guidance Ministry, Qazvin, Iran
  • 1993-2008 Piano Instructors, Culture and Guidance Ministry, Qazvin, Iran
  • 1995-1998 Piano Instructors, Rasam Istitute of Higher Education, Tehran, Iran
  • 2001-2001 Piano and violin Instructor, Daneshvar music academi, Karaj, Iran
  • 2003- 2006 Piano and violin Instructor, Taraneh Aref music academi, Qazvin, Iran
  • 2007 Piano and violin Instructor, Chakameh music academi, Qazvin, Iran


Filmography as Composer

  • 2015 Tomorrow is Another Day, Directed by Mohammadreza Zehtabi, Drama
  • 2013 Fingertips of the Angel, Directed by Mohsen Aghalar, Drama
  • 2012 Heyran’, Produced by Abbas Rafeie, TV Film
  • 2011-2015 Maybe it Happens to You too, Produced by Akbar Tahvilian, TV Series
  • 2011 I am the Lonely Tree, Directed by Majid Asheqi, Documentary
  • 2009 Presence sans Presence, Drama, by Tooraj Khamenehzadeh, Video Installation
  • 2007 Sunflower Motel, Directed by Mohsen Aghalar, Comedian TV Series
  • 2005 Immortal Legacy, Directed by Amir yousefi, Documentary Series
  • 2004 End of the Earth, Directed by Abolfazl Saffari, Drama
  • 2003 Blue Sea, Directed by Masoumeh Nourmohammadi, Documentary Series
  • 2002 Pars sea, Directed by Abolfazl Saffari, Documentary
  • 1998 Vosough Reality, Directed by Hassan Lotfi, Drama


  • 2008 Qazvin National Anthem", Commissioned by Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Qazvin


  • 2015 Song of the Homeland, Performing and Recording with Symphony Orchestra, Poet: Ishagh Anvar
  • 2008 Shams-ol-Emareh, Directed by Saman Moghaddam, Drama
  • 1988 Cooperation with the Vocal Band and Revolutionary Songs in Qazvin’s Culture and Guidance Ministry

Selected Performances

  • 2008 Piano quintet and concert performance of artworks of Shahram Gholampoor
  • 2000 Holding two concerts accompanied by the first rock band ‘Pejhvak band’, supervising by Amir Tavassoli.
  • 1999 Holding the first Pop band concert, Padideh music band.
  • 1998 Holding the first ‘Traditional Music Orchestra’ concert in Qazvin.
  • 1995 Holding first piano research recital, Hellal ahmar hall, Qazvin city.


  • 2009 Call for Music Soloist at Qazvin province


  • 1991 Third Prize, National Music School Competition at Nishapur

Publishing / CD Recordings

  • 2014 “40”, Performing and Recording, Provided by the Orchard Enterprises, United State of America
  • 2016 “Sadeh”, Performing and Recording, Provided by the Orchard Enterprises, United State of America

Professional Experiences

  • 2009 Composer Consultant for “Mokhtarnameh”, Directed by Davoud Mirbaqeri, TV Series
  • 2011 Composer Consultant for “Fall of an Angel”, Directed by Bahram Bahramian, TV Series
  • 2012 Composer Consultant for “Beautiful revolution”,Produced by Ramin Abbasizadeh, TV Series
  • 2012 Composer Consultant and Cooperation in Recording SoundTracks for “Yalda”, Directed by Davood Mirbaqeri, TV Series
  • 2014 Composer Consultant for “Sperm Whale”, Directed by Saman Moqadam, Drama
  • 2015 Composer Consultant for “50 Kilo Albaloo”, Directed by Mani Haghighi, Drama
  • 2015 Composer Consultant for ‘I am not Salvador’, directed by Manouchehr Hadi.
  • 2016-2017 Composer Consultant for “Shahrzad”, Directed by Hassan Fathi. TV Series (Three Seasons)

Master classes

  • 2001 Master class in Conducting by Edo Micic
  • 2001 Master class in piano by Gerhard Geretschläger from Austria
  • 2016 Master class in film scoring by Hanz Zimmer.